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Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labor Market

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Political Empowerment of Roma Women "Roma Women Can Do It"

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“Through Education and Strengthening toward Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship”

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"Through Education and Strengthening toward Inclusion and Active Citizenship" - project in collaboration with UNIFEM

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Thursday, November 26, 2020
Local action Tetovo – stimulation and giving visibility to women’s organising and artistic creation!
Датум: 5/9/2008
As part of the activities that are being implemented within the project “Women Can Do It” on 08.05.2008 at the centre of Culture in Tetovo from 16.00 was organised a local action under the motto “Lets get each other introduced through art” where over 120 people were present.

The initiative has derived from a group of women participants at the seminar “Women Can Do It” held on 05.04.2008 in Tetovo organised by Antico, supported by NPA and the Stability Pact. The seminar was designed to increase the self-confidence of the women and their political and managerial skills for their further engagement in the public and political life.

As a result of their activity at the seminar derived the local action organised by the informal group of women – participants at the seminar. The action aimed to introduce, affirm and motivate the women to organise cultural event and through art event to stimulate women’s public activism and engagement in the community, and at the same time to provide publicity and meaning of the women’s creation in many areas.

At the event, representatives from the political parties, representatives from the students’ association, artists, and intellectuals took part. The programme was varied, including expositions of young artists and art students from the Tetovo University, reading poetry, playing piano, flute, and violin, and the event was closed with a presentation of a short film.

A public action of the group “Women Can Do It” was realised in cooperation with the University Youth from Tetovo.
4/2/2018 - Organized ANTIKO's annual planning workshops
3/29/2018 - Training for implementation of the re-granted projects for sub-grantee projects within the project "Joint Forces for Common Interests"
9/29/2017 - Women in politics - Local Elections 2017
7/4/2017 - Invitation for the final project conference under the moto “She is building future”
2/28/2017 - Calendar of workshops for March 2017
12/22/2016 - Invitation for the Community Forum in Saraj
11/15/2016 - IMPORTANT - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Kumanovo
11/15/2016 - IMPORTANT - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Bitola
11/15/2016 - IMPORTANT - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Stip
11/7/2016 - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Skopje
11/7/2016 - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Tetovo
11/2/2016 - A meeting was conducted for initiating Social Dialogue in Stip
11/2/2016 - Ohrid, Hotel Belvedere - Completed training on the subject Advocacy, for representatives of 6 Municipalities and for CSOs
10/19/2016 - Conference invitation - project Inclusion of ethnic minority women in the labor market
9/30/2016 - Call for an expert on the subject Advocacy
9/27/2016 - Open Call for women from ethnic minority communities from the municipalities Skopje, Stip, Kumanovo, Tetovo and Bitola
9/22/2016 - Participation in a meeting in the Municipality of Saraj as part of the project Joint Forces for Common Interests
9/14/2016 - Participation in the operational coordination meeting in the EU Delegation
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