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Joint Forces for Common Interests

Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labor Market

Economic empowerment of women in the two municipalities

Youth activism leading towards coexisting of diversities in the community

Connecting and empowering women civic organizations in the Western Balkans which work on women's rights and gender equality

Political Empowerment of Roma Women "Roma Women Can Do It"

Institutional support for the implementation of the annual program of ANTIKO within the program CIVICA Mobilitas

“Through Education and Strengthening toward Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship”

Hotel Alexander Palace Skopje
International Conference "Peace and Security - Feminist Alternative - Antico 10 years of promotion of Peace and Nonviolence Culture through Social Engagement of Women"

"Through Education and Strengthening toward Inclusion and Active Citizenship" - project in collaboration with UNIFEM

Campaign: Mobbing, get informed and recognize it!
четврток, 22 март 2018
29.09.2017 - Women in politics - Local Elections 2017
04.07.2017 - Invitation for the final project conference under the moto “She is building future”
28.02.2017 - Calendar of workshops for March 2017
22.12.2016 - Invitation for the Community Forum in Saraj
15.11.2016 - IMPORTANT - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Kumanovo
15.11.2016 - IMPORTANT - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Bitola
15.11.2016 - IMPORTANT - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Stip
07.11.2016 - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Skopje
07.11.2016 - Call for experts (professionals) for conducting creative workshops with children in Tetovo
02.11.2016 - A meeting was conducted for initiating Social Dialogue in Stip
02.11.2016 - Ohrid, Hotel Belvedere - Completed training on the subject Advocacy, for representatives of 6 Municipalities and for CSOs
19.10.2016 - Conference invitation - project Inclusion of ethnic minority women in the labor market
30.09.2016 - Call for an expert on the subject Advocacy
27.09.2016 - Open Call for women from ethnic minority communities from the municipalities Skopje, Stip, Kumanovo, Tetovo and Bitola
22.09.2016 - Participation in a meeting in the Municipality of Saraj as part of the project Joint Forces for Common Interests
14.09.2016 - Participation in the operational coordination meeting in the EU Delegation
20.05.2016 - Deadline extension for the call from the project Joint Forces for Common Interest
06.05.2016 - Open Call for FOR CSOs and municipalities for inclusion in the project “Joint forces for common interests”
12.04.2016 - Official launch of the project “Joint Forces for Common Interests”
22.03.2016 - Invitation for the final Conference in Bitola - 23.03.2016 project Economic Empowerment of Women in Two Municipalities
17.03.2016 - Invitation for the final Conference in Kicevo - 18.03.2016 project Economic Empowerment of Women in Two Municipalities
04.12.2015 - Third cycle of workshops for economic empowerment of women in the Municipality of Bitola 02-04.12.2015
06.11.2015 - Creating a Draft Action Plan for economic empowerment of women in Bitola
30.10.2015 - Creating a Draft Action Plan for economic empowerment of women in Kicevo
15.06.2015 - Research on opportunities and barriers to the involvement of women in the labor market in the Municipalities of Bitola and Kichevo
05.06.2015 - Meeting with representatives of LGU Kichevo
22.05.2015 - Meeting with President of the Council of the Municipality of Bitola
16.04.2015 - Economic empowerment of women in the two municipalities
06.03.2015 - National conference for marking 20 years since the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action
05.03.2015 - Support to the initiative for re-activation of the Gender Studies initiated by the students of the Institute for Gender Studies
22.12.2014 - 21 organizations in a joint Platform for providing gender equality and protection of women's rights
08.12.2014 - Promotion of the message "STOP gender and domestic violence" to the general public
05.12.2014 - The young students from Kumanovo attended the workshop: "Gender and domestic violence - a violation of basic human rights"
05.12.2014 - The young students from "Arseni Jovkov" said "NO!" to the domestic and gender-based violence
04.12.2014 - Students from the dorm "Tome Stefanovski - Senik" discussed the roots of gender and domestic violence and strengthening the measures for prevention and protection
04.12.2014 - The students from the primary school "Blaze Koneski" Airport: Young should strive for a life without family and gender violence
04.12.2014 - Young students from Vratnica contributed to the fight against gender-based and domestic violence
04.12.2014 - The students from the state dorm "Zdravko Tsvetkovski" Skopje are supporting the fight against domestic and gender-based violence
24.05.2014 - The high school students from Delchevo said: " STOP gender and domestic violence"
23.05.2014 - Implemented workshop against gender and domestic violence in the municipality of Pehcevo
23.05.2014 - Workshop "STOP gender and domestic violence" in Delchevo
21.05.2014 - Workshop for young mothers: “STOP domestic and gender violence”
20.05.2014 - Workshop:" STOP Domestic and Gender Violence" 20.05.2014
19.12.2013 - The young students told STOP to the family and gender violence
05.12.2013 - The university students called for the fight against domestic and gender violence: Not for another victim!
03.12.2013 - National Conference on Multiculturalism "Youth activism leading towards coexisting of the diversities in the community""
29.11.2013 - The students from the "Arseni Jovkov" united against gender and domestic violence
26.11.2013 - The students raise their voice : Not for another victim! STOP gender and domestic violence!
15.11.2013 - Public performance "Multiculturalism our common aspiration and acievement"
28.10.2013 - Humanitarian event in the high school "Arseni Jovkov" Skopje
16.10.2013 - Flyers for promotion of multiculturalism
26.09.2013 - Debate on topic "Recognition and respect the culture of "the other"
21.06.2013 - The creative potential of high school students contribute to successful implementation of the Summer School in Ohrid
17.04.2013 - Multiculturalism in practice at the high school "Arseni Jovkov"
02.04.2013 - Young trainers for multiculturalism
11.12.2011 - Campaign: “16 days activism for fighting violence against women and domestic violence”
28.11.2011 - Gender education of young activists from the political parties
04.11.2011 - Women from Tearce learn how to lobby and to strengthen their communicational skills
02.11.2011 - Working meeting with the Mayor from Krushevo municipality
31.10.2011 - Increased public activism of women from rural areas from Krushevo municipality
27.10.2011 - Working meeting with the Mayor from Tearce municipality
25.10.2011 - Youth activism in promoting multiculturalism and unity
07.10.2011 - Representatives from nongovernmental organizations from R. Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the workshop on “How to monitor public policies and budgets from a gender equality perspective - identification and use of monitoring tools”
03.10.2011 - Training “Preparation of annual program and annual budget”
20.09.2011 - Gender analysis of the candidate lists of the political parties and the electoral results
20.09.2011 - Public Announcement
31.08.2011 - Forum in Kichevo on the topic of “Increasing of the role and influence of women within the party structures”
18.07.2011 - Realized forum “Increasing of the role and influence of women in the interparty structures”
11.07.2011 - Workshops in the municipality Petrovec
05.07.2011 - Training for strengthening the capacities of WCI Antico
15.06.2011 - Implementation of the workshops for capacity building of the ELS
30.05.2011 - Workshops for capacity building of NGOs
18.05.2011 - Participation at TACSO‘s training by representative from Antico
06.05.2011 - Representative from Antico participated at training on “Preparing application for projects financed by the EU funds”
05.05.2011 - Young law students from Kichevo showed interest in legislation on gender equality
21.04.2011 - Established cooperation with the Units of Local Self-government 4
20.04.2011 - Is the Strategy for integrated education a real enforceable tool?
15.04.2011 - Antico’s education sparked great interest in the municipality of Kisela Voda
14.04.2011 - Workshops in the municipality of Sopishte
30.03.2011 - Program for training volunteers
30.03.2011 - Brochure "Through education and strengthening towards social inclusion and active citizenship"
29.03.2011 - Manual for gender education
23.03.2011 - Women propose gender education in the educational institutions
18.03.2011 - Debate for the Strategy for integrated education in Kichevo
25.02.2011 - Conference for the project supported by UN WOMEN
09.02.2011 - Local actions implemented in the Municipality of Gostivar encouraged and strengthened women of this region
04.02.2011 - Early vowing and reproductive health - basic problems of rural women in the Municipality of Debar
03.02.2011 - Promotion of the publication Gender analysis of the programs of the political parties: "Eight years later, is there a progress?
21.01.2011 - Economic empowerment of women from Tearce municipality through the project supported by UN Women
21.01.2011 - Local actions implemented in Mogila municipality as part of the project
29.12.2010 - Declaration from the Global Conference in Cairo: "Women and the 21st century Feminist alternatives"
28.12.2010 - In solidarity with Sudanese women: Stop physical abuse and humiliation of women!
27.12.2010 - Gender analysis of the programs of the Political Parties
20.12.2010 - Organized donator Conference - Publication of the final “Strategy for overcoming of family voting”
15.12.2010 - Young people understand multiculturalism, but wonder: “How often is it used in practice?”
14.12.2010 - “Youth and Multiculturalism: How do we feel the spirit of multiculturalism”
14.12.2010 - Global Conference: Women and the 21 Century – Feminist Alternatives
13.12.2010 - Three day seminar with the members of Antiko on the topic of “Creating of plan for sustainability of Antiko” in Skopje
10.12.2010 - Activities marking the Campaign “16 days activism against gender and domestic violence”
29.11.2010 - Project: CRPM in partnership with WCI Antiko and the State Election Commission
25.11.2010 - “16 days activism against gender and domestic violence” Campaign
15.11.2010 - Conducted activities under the project “My voice – my decision”
11.11.2010 - Public debate on the topic “Creation of local policies for promotion of the position of the woman” in Skopje
13.10.2010 - Public debate on the topic “Creation of local policies for promotion of the position of the woman” in Krushevo
12.10.2010 - Three-day training for the members of Antiko on the topic of “Models of research and preparation of analysis”
30.09.2010 - WCI Antiko debated on creation of local politics for gender equality in the local communities
04.08.2010 - Within the Project “Through education and strengthening towards social inclusion and active citizenship - 2” the first cycle of workshops was held
30.07.2010 - Campaign on elimination of family voting and voting for others
01.07.2010 - Women improved their informing about the election process and the rights of voters
24.06.2010 - Training for planning of volunteer practice
21.06.2010 - Trainings on strategic planning
11.06.2010 - Organizing of 5 workshops on gender issues
07.06.2010 - Signing of Memorandum for cooperation
25.05.2010 - Lack of informing of women about their voting rights
27.04.2010 - First “School for multiculturalism” 23-25th April, Ohrid
15.04.2010 - Second phase of the project "Through Education and strenghtening towards Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship", supported by UNIFEM
01.04.2010 - Three public debates on the topic of “Creation of local policies for promotion of the position of women” in Resen, Strumica and Debar
10.03.2010 - Call for applications for the “SCHOOL FOR MULTICULTURALISM”
08.03.2010 - Different marking of 8th of March – International Women’s Day
15.02.2010 - Multiculturalism - Positive circle of sharing, tolerance and dialogue
02.12.2009 - “Women’s club” opened in Tearce municipality
29.11.2009 - Stop! - for domestic violence
26.11.2009 - Education is our future
22.11.2009 - “We can do it”
13.11.2009 - I want, I can and I learn about my health
12.11.2009 - Tribune “For happier life” in Mogila
24.10.2009 - Protect your reproductive health, make regular gynecologist visits
18.10.2009 - “Take care of your health - take care of your future”
01.10.2009 - “Through education towards quality life”
01.09.2009 - Local actions in Mogila, Krushevo, Lipkovo and Tearce
11.07.2009 - Second cycle of workshops in Mogila
04.07.2009 - Forth workshop in Mogila titled: Planning of local action and preparing business plan
27.06.2009 - Organized workshop titled “Women human rights” in Mogila
20.06.2009 - Second workshop in Mogila on the topic of “Gender equality”
13.06.2009 - First cycle of workshops in Mogila municipality
10.06.2009 - Antico’s local teams have started to hold the first cycle of educational workshops with 80 women from Lipkovo, Tearce, Mogila and Krushevo
04.06.2009 - Conference “Support to the Commissions for Equal Opportunities of Men and Women in the Units of Local Self-government”
27.05.2009 - A public discussion on gender budgeting, organized by Parliamentary Commission for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in cooperation with the office of UNIFEM – Skopje
24.05.2009 - TOT (Training of Trainers): Improvement of the facilitation skills of the educators from the local teams of Antico
22.05.2009 - The advancement of Macedonia in the field of gender equality after the last report of the European Commission
20.05.2009 - The conference on the topic: Women’s entrepreneurship in the Republic of Macedonia
18.05.2009 - 6 awards for philanthropy in 2008 have been presented!
15.05.2009 - A panel “Macedonia and the multiculturalism” organized on 15 May – Multiculturalism day in Macedonia
12.05.2009 - Working meeting held with the local coordinators as part of Antico’s project activities
01.05.2009 - ANTIKO together with UNIFEM strengthens and supports women belonging to the ethnic minorities in 16 rural areas in R. Macedonia
12.04.2009 - Evaluation seminar of Antiko: Intern and extern evaluation of the results from the project “Women can do it 2008/2009”
09.04.2009 - MOBBING – Stand against it!
02.04.2009 - SARAJEVO - Hotel Terme 02.04.2009: Regional conference for the advancement of the political rights of women and increasing of their number in politics and managerial positions
02.04.2009 - Regional cooperation: Member of the coordinative body of Antiko participated on V-DAY in Zagreb
16.03.2009 - The women know how to make a better environment for living, by their active involvement in the public life
15.03.2009 - Being a factor within the community means investment in itself during the adolescence period
14.03.2009 - The women in Bitola recommend 50% women and 50% men in the Municipal Council
14.03.2009 - We are learning Bon–ton in the politics
13.03.2009 - “Altogether we can achieve our goals in the municipality” is the title of the local action in Tearce
09.02.2009 - WCI Antico and Centre for Research and Policy Making on 9 February 2009 at the NGO Info Center organized a press conference, where they published results of the research project “My Voice – My Decision.”
01.02.2009 - The seminar “Women can do it” in Krushevo caused great interest
31.01.2009 - Gender equality in the focus of interest of the women politicians at the “Women Can Do It” seminar in Tetovo
29.01.2009 - The campaign against family and proxy voting has started by organizing press conference in Tetovo
24.01.2009 - The interest of the women for their engagement in the public and political life came out as a result of the seminar “Women Can Do It” in Bitola
30.12.2008 - Antiko supports the appeal of the European Feminist Initiative against violence in Gaza
24.12.2008 - “Women can do it” in Gostivar encouraged women for intersectoral collaboration
24.12.2008 - A consultancy meeting organized by the “Thematic group for human rights and gender equality of the Team of the United Nations”
18.12.2008 - Workshop on the occasion of Human Rights
15.12.2008 - WCI Antico in Skopje organized seminar for political strengthening of women
10.12.2008 - Great interest for the seminar “Women can do it” in Debar
04.12.2008 - Consultative meeting organized by the “Thematic group for human rights and gender equality team from United Nations”
01.12.2008 - A working meeting with the organizers of the new cycle of planned seminars “Women Can Do It 2008/2009”
27.11.2008 - Official ceremony of signing and promotion of the new programme for fight against domestic violence in the Republic of Macedonia took place at the Stone Bridge hotel
25.11.2008 - The Secretary General of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Department for Cooperation with the Non-governmental Organizations at the “Deputies’ Club” held a workshop
25.11.2008 - The roots of the gender violence lie deep in the societal structures – in the patriarchate and its system of values
25.11.2008 - Promotion of the National Strategy for Fight against Domestic Violence in the Republic of Macedonia
17.11.2008 - An assembly of the Women’s Civic Initiative Antico
17.11.2008 - Antico will take part in the world campaign “16 Days Activism against Gender Violence”
12.11.2008 - The activities of the first phase of the project “My voice – my decision” were successfully completed
11.11.2008 - An Antico’s assembly
10.11.2008 - The Antico programme team carried out a one-day workshop
07.11.2008 - Promotion of the Strategic Assessment of the Policies, Quality, and Approach to Contraception and Abortion in Macedonia
07.11.2008 - In the village of Tearce were held two workshops with focus groups
06.11.2008 - Focus groups in the village of Radiovce, municipality of Brvenica – Tetovo region
04.11.2008 - The organising and holding of workshops with focus groups is taking place according to the foreseen plan!
03.11.2008 - In the municipality of Shuto Orizari as part of the project “My voice – my decision”
30.10.2008 - The second phase of the project of Antico in partnership with Centre for Research and Policy Making has started!
28.10.2008 - Members of the Antico network will give support in conducting the campaign “Defeat the cancer – be a healthy woman”
24.10.2008 - The campaign – Free gynaecological health checks for prevention of cancer of the uterus and breasts
24.10.2008 - A reaction of the Antico network against the proposal for legalising prostitution in the Republic of Macedonia
22.10.2008 - The second cycle of the public discussion “Improvement of the Mechanisms for Fight against Domestic Violence”
14.10.2008 - A closing conference “On the Road to EU: The Contribution of the Civil Society in Creating Politics of Social Inclusion in the Republic of Macedonia”
14.10.2008 - Representative from Antico took part at the Advanced Training for Non-discrimination
19.09.2008 - A public discussion in the parliament on a topic:“Improvement of the Mechanisms for Fight against Domestic Violence”
18.09.2008 - Conference on a topic: The State and the Future of the Multicultural Civil Society in the Republic of Macedonia
13.09.2008 - Antico took part in the FEMCIT research of the European Commission!
09.09.2008 - 09.09.2008, CIRa organised Conference on a topic: “The Role of the Civil Society in the Euro-integrations of Macedonia”
05.09.2008 - On 05.09.2008 at the UNIFEM office was organised a discussion group
03.09.2008 - On 02.09.2009 representatives from Antico and CRPM, as partner applicants
01.09.2008 - The new Antico’s project “Women Can Do It 2008/2009” in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid is starting out
29.08.2008 - The Ludwig Boldtzman Institute of Human Rights and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy organised a final workshops for gender issues
04.07.2008 - On 04.07.2008, at the Antico office was held a working meeting
03.07.2008 - On 03.07.2008 at the Antico office was held a meeting with the EAR representatives
01.07.2008 - At the City Assembly was held a meeting as part of the preparations of the strategy for sustainability of the City of Skopje
30.06.2008 - Civil Society Programme
18.06.2008 - An invitation for meeting of the discussion group
14.06.2008 - External and internal evaluation of the “WCDI 2007/2008” project
10.06.2008 - The representative from Antico took part at the 6th Regional conference in Dubrovnik held on 6-7 June 2008
22.05.2008 - The local action in Ohrid against the discrimination of the women in the employment market and at a working place: “Know your rights”
22.05.2008 - Public action in Shtip: women to be present with 50%!
09.05.2008 - Women’s creation: promotion of the book “Valixhe Kujtimesh” of the author Sadije Aliti – a writer and a women’s human rights activist from Tetovo
09.05.2008 - Local action in Skopje of the participants at the seminar “Women Can Do It” – An analysis of the work of the 10 Gender Commissions in the Local Self-government
09.05.2008 - Local action Tetovo – stimulation and giving visibility to women’s organising and artistic creation!
20.04.2008 - The seminar in Shtip held successfully!
14.04.2008 - A seminar “Women Can Do It” in Skopje!
14.04.2008 - The seminar "Women can do it" in Ohrid got together the women from different structures from Ohrid and Struga
10.04.2008 - A meeting at the Norwegian Embassy!
09.04.2008 - A visit to the local self-government in Shtip, a meeting with the mayor and other relevant structures from the public and political life in Shtip!
08.04.2008 - A visit to the local self-government in Ohrid!
07.04.2008 - At the seminar “Women Can Do It” held in Tetovo, women from political parties and local self-government from several rural communities in Tetovo region took part!
29.03.2008 - Antico started with organising seminars for political strengthening of the women!
29.03.2008 - “Women Can Do It” seminar held in Skopje!
29.03.2008 - A seminar was held in Prilep!
28.03.2008 - In the municipality of Cair officially were opened the offices for communication with the citizens of the Members in the Macedonian Parliament Ms. Zumreta
28.03.2008 - 5 Antico’s multiethnic teams in the coming months will facilitate WCDI seminars for women politicians, counsellors in the municipal assemblies and members of the gender commissions in the local self-government units
27.03.2008 - A member of the coordinative team of Antico took part in the morning programme “Journal” on the National TV station SITEL on 26.03.2008
25.03.2008 - A visit to the local self-government Prilep
24.03.2008 - A meeting with representatives from the LDP women’s forum
19.03.2008 - A meeting with the President of the Parliamentary Women’s Lobby and president of the Union of Women from SDSM Ms. Cvetanka Ivanova
07.03.2008 - A public debate on the text of the operational plan of the NAP for 2008
20.02.2008 - Training of trainers (TOT)
13.02.2008 - A meeting held with the representatives from DUA
13.02.2008 - A meeting held at the DPA offices in Tetovo
01.12.2007 - In November 2007 started the new project of Antico “Women Can Do It” 2007/2008
28.11.2007 - Antico continues with the activities on the project “Gender equality and the local self-government”
24.11.2007 - A campaign against eliminating gender and family violence!
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