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Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labor Market
недела, 28 февруари 2021
Organized ANTIKO's annual planning workshops - 02.04.2018

In the period from March 30 to April 1, 2018, in the hotel Klimetica Ohrid, a three-day cycle of ANTIKO annual planning workshops was organized with the network's constituents.

The aim of the workshops was to analyze the external and internal environment, identifing the advantages and challenges that the network faces and identifing the risks and find a way to eradicate and manage them. The final result of the workshops was the preparation of the ANTICO's annual program and the creation of a 4-year Strategy for Action, which identified the priority areas and strategic goals for action. The workshops were implemented with 11 constituents of the ANTICO network.

These workshops were supported by the program for strengthening the institutional capacities of CIVICA MOBILITAS.

Training for implementation of the re-granted projects for sub-grantee projects within the project "Joint Forces for Common Interests" - 29.03.2018

In the period 26-28 March 2018, in the Hotel Porta Skopje, a cycle of workshops for sub-grantees was held within the project "Joint Forces for Common Interests".

The purpose of this training was to familiarize and prepare the sub-granteed civil society organizations for successful realization of their projects. The themes covered by these workshops were in the field of project cycle management and administration, visibility of projects, budgeting and finances and the introduction of gender concepts in the programs and projects of the civil society organizations. The workshops were attended by 19 participants, representatives of the sub-grantees and their mentoring organizations.

The project "Joint Forces for Common Interests" is supported by the Delegation of the European Union and is implemented by ANTIKO, COSV and CCI.

Women in politics - Local Elections 2017 - 29.09.2017

Women's Civic Initiative ANTIKO conducted a gender analyses of the candidate lists for the upcoming Local Elections. The analyses provided the results that are available in the infographic.
Invitation for the final project conference under the moto “She is building future” - 04.07.2017

On July 5th 2017 (on Wednesday), at 11:00 AM in the Hotel Holiday In Skopje, WCI ANTIKO and CARE Deutschland/Luxembourg e.V. are organizing the final conference for the EU project “Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labor Market”. On the Conference we will present the conducted activities, the results, the challenges, the recommendations and conclusions regarding the position of Macedonian women on the labor market, with an accent of ethnic minority women.

We invite all of you to join us!

WCI ANTIKO is a user of an institutional grant from CIVICA Mobilitas.


Women's Civic Initiative ANTIKO from Skopje and CARE Deutschland/Luxembourg e.V, as part of the EU Project Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Women in the Labor Market, are publishing the following:

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Tribune “For happier life” in Mogila - 12.11.2009

With the support of WCI Antiko, the women in Mogila municipality organized a tribune on the topic of reproductive health of the woman titled “For happier life”. The topic triggered great interest in women, and over 50 women from the local villages within Mogila municipality participated.

At the tribune, a short addressing had d-r. Nikola Veljanovski, d-r. Lidija Dimkovska and d-r. Susan Ismailova, who talked about the symptoms, methods of protection and the need for on-time examination and detection of cervical cancer.

The present women were interested and asked the doctors questions, and actively were included in the discussion.
Protect your reproductive health, make regular gynecologist visits - 24.10.2009

The reproductive health of the woman is one of the most significant and priority question for the women from the rural areas in Krushevo municipality. Barring in mind that Krushevo does not have specialist clinics that provide health services, the women from the rural area are forced to go to the bigger cities as Prilep and Bitola.

The local action in Krushevo municipality titled “Woman’s health - reproductive health” was implemented in order for women from the rural areas become aware and be informed regarding the protection of their reproductive health.

A research was conducted in regards to identification of problems and need of the women from the rural areas fro ......

“Take care of your health - take care of your future” - 18.10.2009

In Tearce municipality, the women from the rural areas implemented a local action titled “Take care of your health - take care of your future”, which served for raising awareness and inform women from the rural areas, and the whole population, for the ways of protection of the reproductive health and the need for more frequent gynecological visits.

For achieving the main goal and better informing of bigger number of women and the whole population, 4 TV shows, each of 15-20 minutes, were made and broadcasted. All 4 shows discus important topics as: consequences of breast cancer, cervical cancer, legal norms for choosing personal gynecologist, planning of family and usage of contraception. Interl ......

“Through education towards quality life” - 01.10.2009

The local action “Through education to quality life” was organized in Lipkovo municipality for the purpose of raising awareness and informing of women from the rural areas about the health care, early detection and prevention of reproductive organs diseases. The women from the rural areas, in cooperation with the local teams of WCI Antiko implemented few activities, which showed that women have the capacity and will for empowering their position.

During the local action, one research was conducted regarding reproductive health of woman and the current position in this area on local level. The research was conducted in the villages Lipkovo, Slupchane, Opae and Vaksince, where 100 women were take ......

Local actions in Mogila, Krushevo, Lipkovo and Tearce - 01.09.2009

During the project “Through education and strengthening towards social inclusion and active citizenship”, 4 local actions were implemented by the women from the rural areas belonging to the ethnic minorities in Mogila, Lipkovo, Krushevo and Tearce.

The local actions were product of the participants of the educational workshops and directed towards identifying problems and needs of women from the rural areas in the above-mentioned municipalities. In this cycle of the local actions, the main accent was put on the prevention and protection of reproductive health of the woman. Activities planned to be implemented during the local actions are: research - conducting poll and analysis, organization of workshops, reali ......

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