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International Conference "Peace and Security - Feminist Alternative - Antico 10 years of promotion of Peace and Nonviolence Culture through Social Engagement of Women"

"Through Education and Strengthening toward Inclusion and Active Citizenship" - project in collaboration with UNIFEM

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
The inter-ethnic conflicts in the country and the region have left deep traces in the social relations. The process of transformation into a democratic and civil society is very complex process which requires active involvement of groups and individuals who promote values based on human rights and culture of active participation in community building. In this area of great importance is the active action of youth from multiethnic communities. The youth initiatives are very important in reducing the social segregation and ethnic prejudices that occur as a consequence of negative attitudes towards those who are different from them. This situation actually represents starting point for conflict and discrimination.
The questions about initiating and maintaining positive changes in the existing negative ethnic attitudes – prejudice and stereotypes, as well as increasing of ethnic interaction and civic activism are priority areas of action of the NGO network of Women’s Civic Initiative Antico, which 11 years actively contributes to building peace and multiethnic relations in the local communities in Republic of Macedonia.
The programme “School of Multiculturalism, civil activism and democracy” is a response to the need to strengthen the capacities for peace building in the community, space for free development of individuals and groups founded on cooperation and connectivity. PEACE, NONVIOLENCE, ACTIVISM, STRENGHTENING, COMMUNITY AND NETWORKING are the fundamental concepts of this program for creating a lasting reflection of the principles and approaches that mark the dialogue and the action.
Strengthening the youth refers to an active attitude towards the social events, taking responsibility for personal development and community development by setting up a sustainable multiethnic structure such as voluntary groups, youth clubs, associations etc.
The main instruments for strengthening that we use in working with youth is learning through experience, mentoring support, interconnection and active participation in the community by initiating and implementing public actions by the target group (multi-ethnic compound). .
The programme is compound of three phases:
Phase I – Creating conditions of prevention of violence in the multiethnic environmentsCreating space for interethnic communication of young people from different ethnic groups.
Activities: workshops, seminars and trainings on taboo topics of inter-ethnic relations, conflict transformation and non-violent communication, gender issues.
Phase II – Setting foundation for peace action Increasing the motivation, the knowledge and the basic skills for self-organization and action in the community (ToT, seminars, forums, public debates, conferences, multiplication of knowledge – PEER education, practicum in the community – mentoring support, initiation and implementation of public actions by the target group).

Phase III – Making secure spaces for youth interethnic collaboration by the target groups (establishing sections, multiethnic clubs for young people, civic associations and other appropriate forms of youth organizing and action in the community.

Creating conditions for peace building – prevention of violence/conflict – establishing communication and interaction between young people from different ethnic groups
Activities: researching, forming team of trainers (ToT); handbook for educators, organizing 324 interactive workshops with participation of 1.367 high school students
Strengthening the capacities for peace building in the community
Organized conferences, public debates and forums on topics “Youth and multiculturalism”
Realized seminars “School of multiculturalism” – activities and accomplished results
Manual "School of multiculturalism"
Support for improving the civil activism – through volunteerism and mentor support by the local NGOs members of Antico’s network
Activities and accomplished results by the volunteers and mentors in working in the local organizations, members of Antico’s network
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