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International Conference "Peace and Security - Feminist Alternative - Antico 10 years of promotion of Peace and Nonviolence Culture through Social Engagement of Women"

"Through Education and Strengthening toward Inclusion and Active Citizenship" - project in collaboration with UNIFEM

Campaign: Mobbing, get informed and recognize it!
Tuesday, June 2, 2020
The programme is directed towards the promotion of culture of peace and non-violence, improvement of the human and interethnic relations, promotion of the values of democracy, dialogue and tolerance.

Affirmation of the importance and safety of each individual in all its dimensions: physical security, socio - economic, respecting on human dignity and the right to identity and inclusion.

Our efforts are: creating societal changes which derive from the principles of non-violence in the interaction with different factors in the society.

The challenges for building peace and security, we understand as highly complex issues. This does not refer only to absence of armed conflict. Under the notion of peace, we understand economic, social, cultural welfare. Peace means non-existence of poverty and respecting human rights for all people - different and marginalized. Peace means a healthy environment for all entities.

The strategic objectives of the program:
  • Mobilizing of women and young people in the multicultural societies in promotion of positive goals and ideals of tolerance, equality, dignity, human rights, civic activism, democracy, social justice and inclusion
  • Promoting and fostering of the civic activism as important factor and value of the democracy, social development and sustainable peace.
  • Through the application of the intercultural education, to provide a contribution to the continuous stimulus for interaction and action that will include all in the process of building and the development of the community
  • Promoting and support for interethnic - international women’s cooperation and equal participation of men and women in peace building at the local and global level
  • Opening of a global debate about traditional concepts of peace, as well as constructive alternative feminist views of peace and women's rights.
  • Creating of the just peace and culture of the non-violence, through the creation of the safe space for debate and coexistence of the differences
  • Initiating and support of the peace initiatives and activities in the communities
  • Public advocating and increasing of the public awareness for meaning and values of the civic activism and building of peace and community
  • Support for the development of voluntarism and the civic peace activism
  • Application of the coherent local models of interethnic cooperation
  • Organization of the international conferences - female networking and contribution to improvement of the global peace and sustainable development
  • Monitoring, following and evaluation of the results and achievements
Forms of work:
  • Education:
  • Intercultural education; transformation of the conflicts and non-violent communication, promotion of the culture of peace and non-violence
  • Holding training for trainers
  • Holding seminars, workshops, public debates; round tables, panels, conferences
  • Networking, awareness raising, organization, support:
  • Organization of the international, national and local conferences for the affirmation of the feminist alternatives in the global debate for peace, women's rights and women's security.
  • Networking, promoting, support for individuals and groups working in the field of peace-building, non-violence and human rights.
  • Organization of the press conferences, printing and distribution of promotional, educational and informative materials, research, analysis, radio and TV appearances, TV spots, other forms of local acting, in order to provide a contribution to the development of the volunteerism, peace and civic activism in the communities
  • Initiating and support of the peace initiatives and public actions in the community
  • Initiatives and projects for establishment of multi-ethnic volunteer centres in the community.
Target group:
Woman and young people from different structures, age and nationalities- educational and health workers, representatives from the local government and administration, representatives from political parties, secondary school pupils, students, housewives, unemployed women/young people from urban and rural communities, members and activists in the civic organizations.

Principles and values upon which the program is based:
Equality, non-violence, tolerance, solidarity, dialogue and cooperation, civic activism, sustainable development, accountability, transparency, multiculturalism, promotion and protection of human rights, Participatory democracy, social justice and inclusion.
Peace initiatives, activities and achievements
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