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International Conference "Peace and Security - Feminist Alternative - Antico 10 years of promotion of Peace and Nonviolence Culture through Social Engagement of Women"

"Through Education and Strengthening toward Inclusion and Active Citizenship" - project in collaboration with UNIFEM

Campaign: Mobbing, get informed and recognize it!
Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Purposes, activities, results, influence ...

Programme “Women and society” provides a response to the impact of the patriarchal mentality and imposing of traditional values and stereotypes that repress women on the margins of the social processes.
The Antico’s initiatives within this programme are directed towards creating conditions and opportunities for equal participation of women in public and political life, as well as all other spheres of the social life.
Increasing of the awareness among women and youth for:
  • Women’s issues, gender relations, women’s/human rights, discrimination on the grounds of gender
  • Strengthening of women’s identity, power and self-confidence, for undertaking individual and group initiatives – actions for creating changes through public and socio-political engagement in the community.
  • Promotion and protection of women’s human rights

  • Programme “Women and Society” is directed towards improvement of the legislative framework through impact for making institutions sensitive to introducing and practicing institutional mechanisms for attaining gender equality – monitoring of the process of their implementation and giving support for improvement and effective use in practise.
    The main goal is giving contribution to foundation of a solid base of equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities for women and men.

    Achieving sustainable development where the person - the citizen is in the focus of interest.
    Surveys, gender analysis, seminars, trainings of trainers, conferences, interactive multiethnic workshops, round tables, panels, debates, media presentations, press conferences, printed materials (publications, leaflets, brochures, posters), campaigns, public advocating, support for networking, arising and giving support to development of the public activism and peace activism, civic initiatives for important issues of gender equality, peace building, fostering interethnic relations, civil society at local, national and international levels.

    The programme is being implemented by conducting long-term and continuous projects and initiatives, at the same time in 10 multiethnic local communities in the Republic of Macedonia, and certain initiatives and campaigns are being carried out throughout the whole territory of Macedonia.
    Target groups:
    Women and youth from different ethnic backgrounds, professions, social statuses, representatives from educational and health institutions, civic organizations, political parties, trade unions, women journalists, local self-government, women candidates for mayors, women members of the parliament, as well as other representatives from relevant institutions and structures from urban and rural local communities of the Republic of Macedonia.
    Activities for increasing of the number of women in the politics and in managerial positions - seminars and trainings
    47 trainings and seminars were organized with 1146 participants as part of regional programme for political strengthening of women - “Women Can Do It”
    TOT:Trainings of trainers in the programme “Women Can Do It” – political strengthening
    Other seminars and trainings
    TOT: Education for gender concepts – Sensibilization of the issues of gender and sex – working with secondary school students and adolescents
    Training:International training workshop – Monitoring of the implementation of the Resolution SCR UN 1325 – Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Macedonia
    Training: Resolution 1325 implementation and monitoring – training workshop for representatives from 19 civic organizations from local communities of Republic of Macedonia (2005)
    Activities – trainings for introduction with the Resolution 1325 as well as other international documents for civic organizations representatives from the local communities in the Republic of Macedonia (2004-2005)
    Training: “Institutional mechanisms for attaining gender equality in the Republic of Macedonia” 4,5 and 6 June 2004 in Hotel Drim – Struga
    Training: Non-violent elaboration of the conflicts and peace building – creative approach towards the conflicts and skills of non-violent communication - Training “Peace with yourself, peace with everybody” (2004)
    Seminar “Media - your partner in the contact with public 2”
    Seminar “Media - your partner in the contact with public 1”
    Seminar ”Networks and networking”
    Seminar ”Gender challenges – feminism as a policy and determination”
    Cycle of 4 seminars” More women in the structures of power”
    Initiatives and activities for promotion and protection of women’s human rights in the local communities of the Republic of Macedonia
    Multiethnic workshops: 1200 workshops were held with over 19 000 participants
    Round tables: 63 round tables were organized with 2120 participants, introducing institutional mechanisms and affirmative measures – for improvement of democratic processes, human/women’s rights and gender equality
    Panels: 89 panels were held with 4 378 participants on topics of women’s human rights and equal participation of women in adoption of political decisions and active participation in the community development
    Conferences and debates: 28 national and local conferences and discussions and debates for improvement of women’s human rights, democratic processes, and attaining gender equality were held with 1576 participants
    National Conference: “Women in the politics” (2004)
    In 10 local communities were organized conferences with 808 participants on a topic: Increasing the number of women in politics and in managerial positions (November and December 2004)
    National Conference: “Achievements and challenges of the women’s organizing and acting in Macedonia” (November – December 2004)
    Activism for eliminating of gender and family violence
    Violence against women and domestic violence
    Pre-electoral activities for promotion of the civic and political rights of women
    Activities for eradicating of the phenomenon of family and proxy voting
    Organizing 7 panel-discussions with 60 women candidates from electoral lists of the political parties and women’s electoral body in 7 local communities in the Republic of Macedonia (2005)
    Activities for support of the rural women for proper and independent – democratic use of the voting right – Parliamentary elections 2006
    Education of 58 541 women who have the right to vote - “door to door’ approach in 188 rural communities in Macedonia (2002-2004)
    Our vote decides-Education of 22 894 women with “door to door” approach in 188 rural communities in Republic of Macedonia (2002-2004) for raising awareness for women’s and political rights
    Gender equality in the local self-government – impact on strengthening and improvement of the work of gender commissions (2007-2008)
    Activities and impact for implementation/improvement of the institutional mechanisms for attaining gender equality
    Public advocating for adoption of the institutional mechanisms for attaining gender equality in the Republic of Macedonia
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