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International Conference "Peace and Security - Feminist Alternative - Antico 10 years of promotion of Peace and Nonviolence Culture through Social Engagement of Women"

"Through Education and Strengthening toward Inclusion and Active Citizenship" - project in collaboration with UNIFEM

Campaign: Mobbing, get informed and recognize it!
Saturday, April 10, 2021
Individual membership
Women's Civic Initiative Antico is open for membership of each citizen of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as for each foreign citizen.

One of the criteria for membership is acceptance of the statute and the programme of the association. With your membership you are becoming publicly active, and support the work of the group.

This means that you aspire for: protection and promotion of the rights of women to build peace in the community, the right to life without violence, gender equality, the right to equal participation of each sex/gender in the public and political life, the right to employment and ownership, the right to adequate gender sensitive education, health and social justice and protection, equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities for all citizens.

What you are getting:
Opportunities to propose initiatives and projects, to choose and to be chosen. Possibility for participation in programme and project activities, such as: seminars, trainings, conferences, debates, round tables etc. - as participants, experts, engaged persons or volunteers.

Free use of existing information services of Antico. Information about opportunities for applying and participation in the domestic and international trainings, seminars, conferences, postgraduate studies or giving consulting services in areas which are in scope of the mission and work of Antico.

The individual membership can be done by filling out the application and payment of the yearly membership fee in the amount of 1200 MKD for employed persons or 600 MKD for students and unemployed persons.

After payment to the account given below, together with the completed application, send a copy of the invoice to our address. Thus, you will become a member of the Women's Civic Initiative Antico and you will get a membership card. After the termination of the membership – the membership card needs to be returned.

Address: Women's Civic Initiative Antico
Str. "Vukovarska", br. 23-1/2, 1000 Skopje, P.O.Box 1090/1010

Bank account:
Account no. 300000002211636
Komercijalna Banka - Ad Skopje
Purpose of the deposit: yearly membership fee
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